Wonderful week-end on regional races for philippe boutier and his son

Back to Bressols and Châteauroux races of August 1st, Boutier Philippe (father, 63 years old) and Maxime (son, 33 years old) from Loion-sous-Lens are systematically ranked on the first places of Nord-Pas-de-Calais podium whatever the category.

Tandem plays at Harnes company. Philippe has always been in contact with pigeon fanciers from an early age, three of his great uncles were pigeon fanciers, Victor Freville (Paris region), Henri Guilluy and Charles Leflon (Lens group). In 1990, he installed the current pigeon loft in Loison-sous-Lens. His son Maxime, also a fancier, follows the colony from a distance as he lives in Belgium.

Father and son have the same passion

They like playing all distances even if the main objective is long distance races (400-600 km). “We occasionally play international contests … And we would like, in the years to come, to orientate a larger part of the colony on these races”.

The colony consists of 250 birds of which 50 are widowers and 20 are classically played widowers (partners of these widowers are not played). Each year there are about 80 youngsters and about 20 youg pigeons raised after the saison.


At the beginning there were pigeons from Michel Decocq (Vendin-le-Vieil), then came introductions from local fanciers: Bernard Gardinal (Loison-sous-Lens), René Lepoivre, Roland Betrémieux (Haisnes), Morel P&F, eggs from Claude Candotti and finally 2 pigeons from De Rauw Sablon (via Broucke F, origins cultivated by the Podziadly brothers). An introduction from Hilaire and Gilbert Surinx (Belgium) also gave birth.

Two basic pigeons were used as stallions and crossed with bought pigeons:

  • 607 070-03, the “Montauban”, more than 15 prizes in long distance races and the 13th/3897 Montauban 2006.
  • The 123 138-03, the “Surinx”, who made 3rd of 9535 pigeons (St Junien 2011), 4th of 4301 pigeons (Limoges 2009) and 13 bottom prizes (bred at 4 years).

In terms of health monitoring, widowers are no longer given any treatment during sport season, neither against trichomoniasis nor for respiratory tract. “We focus on natural health of pigeons.

121 524-20, the star of Châteauroux II

He’s a scaled male. He has 5/9 prizes this year with head prices, very promising. He was lost 1 month young hence his name: “The Revenant”. His father is a 100% De Rauw Sablon. “His mother is a daughter of our Surinx. He is a half brother by the sire of the 1st NPDC Châteauroux vieux and by the dam of the 2nd NPDC Châteauroux vieux.


Montoire: 16/518 p
Saint Philibert: 4/440 p
Châteaudun: 56/390 p
Royan: 14/261 p (grouping)
Châteauroux: 1/2857 p  NPDC, highest speed of the contingent (9523 pigeons)

251 388-19

He’s a blue male. He has 5/8 prizes this year. His father is a 100% De Rauw Sablon. His mother is a daughter of our Surinx. A basic couple, he is a brother of many cracks, 309 341 15 (2/2600 Argenton 2016, 3/3634 Blois 2018), 309 340-15 (9th Ace pigeon of France all category 2020), 251 318-19 (4th Ace pigeon of France all category 2020) etc. Named EasyJet with these many top prizes.


  • Châteaudun: 46/1268
  • Châteaudun: 10/522
  • Châteaudun: 2/235


  • Châteaudun: 43/880
  • Montoire : 18/573
  • Royan: 64/429
  • Châteauroux : 1/2707

185 899-18, the latecomer 

“He’s a blue male. His father is second pigeon bought at Morel P&F sale, a miller, his mother is the bronzed one, daughter of our Surinx and mother of the 1st NPDC yearling”. Note that the 1st NPDC female at Bressols, 251 343-20 also has La Bronzée as her mother… Quite a breeder.

He is a latecomer of 2018, this pigeon is building up quite a record, but with two times 2nd NPDC, he deserves his name of Poulidor. He has 5/8 this year and has chained the last 3 federals with prizes (St Junien, Royan and Châteauroux).

2020 :

  • Chateaudun: 1/674
  • Chateauroux: 1/514 Groupement, 2nd/2581 NPDC

2021 :

  • Chateauroux: 2/316 Grouping, 2/2707 NPDC

251 360-19

He has 5/8 prizes this year and has won the last three federal races in Saint Junien, Royan and finally 3rd/1438 NPDC in Bressols.

His father is a pigeon bought at Morel P&F total sale, which has 15 prices in long distance races. His mother is a breeder in which we find an Ace pigeon of Roland Betrémieux also bought at his total sale as well as origins of Montauban and Surinx.

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