Daniel Gambart, on the way to the first place in the championship

We meet Daniel Gambart again, pigeon fancier of Boulogne-sur-Mer group (eastern coast of northen France), determined to score points for the championship and not to give up first place of the podium.

He’s used to the first places… Already on May 2nd he won the first 8 places in Pontoise in front of 4842 pigeons (see article). His first old bird record was FR 356730-19, this same pigeon won Reims (246 km) on July 3rd ahead 724 pigeons entered for this contest.

FR 365730-2019, 1st in Pontoise (speed) and then again first in Reims on July 3rd. Apart from the first race of the season, he achieved a perfect score!

Daniel plays all competitions: from speed to internationals race ; a discipline in which he tried for the first time this year by registering 5 pigeons for Pau and Agen.

But his favourite competitions are middle distance and federals (from  ones with a preference for Royan. For Daniel there is no secret: “you need origins”. For speed and middle distance he went to José Mansel (see article), middle distance specialist and several times French champion.

The 356730 comes from this kennel, son of FR029304-14 who is himself a brother of José Mansel’s National Ace (with 8/10 in 2015, 9/9 in 2016, 6/7df in 2017…)

The widows are in place, with caillibotis on the floor and in boxes . Food distributed to boxe and home-made grit at will

On 11 July Daniel also won the first place on Vendeuil (145km) with a youngster (FR007250-2021) played at sliding gate. “I noticed that when crossing pigeons of Maurice Casaert (from Néchin, BE) origin with Mansel origins you are rarely disappointed with the result.

Concerning sanitary management, racing pigeons only receive two treatments (trichomoniasis and respiratory tract) during the year: generally when a drop in results is noted. “On the other hand, I’ve a vaccination programme with paramyxovirosis (obligatory), pox, paratyphosis and rotavirus! Since then I’ve been much less bothered (with yougsters deases for example)”.

victories have a particular taste this year… Due to weather conditions some boxes are empty… Goods pigeons were lost

About a hundred youngsters are bred each year, “the best youngsters come from widowers … When you mate two extras together (pigeons who won first prizes) you are sure of your shot, with the breeders it’s much more complicated. Sometimes you have to wait three years before you know if pigeons will give you good offspring.

Daniel is’nt stingy with advices, in this video he explain point by point how he proceeds.

General championship of Boulogne-sur-Mer :

  • 2015: 1e
  • 2016: 1e
  • 2017: 5e
  • 2018: 5e
  • 2019: 4e
  • 2020: 1e

Good luck for this year Daniel !


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