Reinventing our history

Two years ago, a few adventurous minds, including mine, decided to take up a rather crazy bet: to give back to the French pigeon its letters of nobility through the words delivered on the pages of this website.

Pierre Bockstael, creator of

Posterity will judge whether the priesthood was vain or useful beyond our expectations. In the meantime, we have to admit that more and more of you are following the peregrinations of our beloved pigeon fanciers and their equally precious birds. I tell you this with the heart of the one who vibrates for his pigeon loft: what a joy to be able to share with you this passion that animates us!

With this confidence you have shown us, we had to ask ourselves an important question: how can we go further? More precisely: what actions should be taken to increase the prestige of our pigeon, so proven and yet so little considered on the world market?

The best French champions

First, we thought of translating our articles into English, to be accessible to a larger number of people. Then quickly, the idea of auctions became the natural extension of our action. Let us insist on one point: it is less about money than about value. For years, the sharp business acumen of our Belgian and Dutch colleagues has, by contrast, considerably devalued our loft. The intense efforts made by the French pigeon fanciers to play on equal terms have been undermined as a result. The answer is yes. It is, therefore, time, especially through these auctions, to reverse the course of a story which, alas, is being written without you, without me. Without us.

To talk about money again, which is the nerve centre rather than the nerve centre of the war, dear pigeon fanciers, you should know that the auction part of Pigeon-Master provides for the functioning of this site, including the payment of the editors. Our team makes it a point of honour, prior to the sales, to choose the best French champions, the most distinguished origins. Among the champions, the selection criteria are extremely strict. Few pigeons manage to pass our various filters. All this requires time, energy and investment. But the future of our noble discipline partly depends on these efforts. This is our conviction.

So, shall we bid?


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