The small team d’Eldo Lizoen: a success story from short distance to long distance

The name Eldo Lizoen is well known to deep-sea enthusiasts in the Lille region, and the colony has been making a name for itself for many years. Its reputation took on a new lease of life on 13 July 2008 when, on a hot day with a northerly wind, Eldo saw his pigeon Valère BE06-9104713 arrive at 7.26pm on the Tarbes international competition (released in Dax), covering a distance of 869 km. That day, Valère won the race by just 38 seconds over Etienne Meirlaen’s pigeon, a victory that left a lasting impression.

Eldo Lizoen, “petit” amateur belge de Comines, qui cultivent avec bonheur la lignée du Tarbes

Eldo’s passion for pigeon racing began when his father died and his mother, Dina, kept the pigeons in memory of her late husband. Eldo, who had always loved animals, was hooked. At the turn of the 2000s, three pigeons laid the foundations of their line: the “Bon bleu”, the “Deboeuf” and the “Barcelone”. Each with their own lineage and record of success, these exceptional pigeons still form the basis of today’s loft.

  • The “bon bleu” came from De Smett-Mattijs, a pigeon that flew the head from Arras to Montauban.
  • The “Deboeuf” came from the De Bœuf de Geluwe loft which had very good pigeons for Barcelona. This pigeon won the 225° Int Dax 12880 p and the 256° Nat Cahors 13093 p.
  • The Barcelona was an original pigeon of Jules Tronquoy, who never missed his annual double on Barcelona and Perpignan.


    • Les installations de Comines

Despite its growing renown, the Eldo Lizoen colony remains humble. Its facilities consist of three small, separate loft for widowers, females and youngsters, along with a few breeding pairs. The size of the colony remains modest, with around fifteen widowers, females destined for competitions and a few dozen youngsters.

The philosophy at Eldo remains unchanged: the performance of the pigeons takes precedence over everything else. This approach contrasts with recent developments in the world of pigeon racing, where pedigrees have taken precedence over results. For Eldo, flight is everything.

In 2010, a pair was formed, becoming a major pillar of the colony. The cock, from the line of Valère 1° Int. Tarbes, BE08-9048307, crossed an Olivier Deprez female, BE08-9048334, herself related to 1° Nat St-Vincent. This cross marked a turning point in the breeding of Eldo pigeons.

Le mâcot

Ce couple donna le Macôt , BE10-90442548  qui gagna

  • 3°     Nat Perpignan 5613 p
  • 5°     Int Perpignan 15106 p
  • 27°   Nat Bordeaux 6217 p
  • 36°   Int Bordeaux 11444 p
  • 34°   Nat Guéret 13885 p
  • 25°   Semi-Nat Limoges 1736 p
  • 183° Nat Limoges 13781 p
  • 172° Nat Narbonne 7027 p
  • 244° Int Narbonne 9966 p



Un frère du Macôt BE12-9045174, qui gagna,

  • 14°   Nat Pau 2017
  • 81°   Int Pau 2017
  • 134° Nat St-Vincent 2017
  • 773° Nat Perpignan 2017
  • 33° As-pigeon Int 3 prix pipa ranking.


accouplé à la sœur de Maily, la BE12-3093570 est la mère du 1° Nat Pau 2018.

La tante du Pau

La Maily, BE12-3093573 gagna

  • 31° Nat Perpignan 6248 p
  • 57° Int Perpignan 17971 p
  • 40° Nat Montauban 5935 p
  • 62° Nat Agen 5283 p
  • 150° Int Agen 10579 p
  • 93° Semi-Nat St-Junien 1374 p

Le Pau

Le 1° Nat Pau 2018 BE15-1057243


  • 1° Nat Pau 2581 p
  • 9° Int  Pau 11739


Since 2018, Eldo has relegated the administrative tasks (pedigrees, noting results) to the back of a drawer and forgotten the key. He concentrates solely on his pigeons and the preparation of the competitions. The quality of the pigeons remains and is always there.

It was a privilege to meet Eldo and his pigeons in person and I would like to thank him for his warm welcome.

Eldo offered me the opportunity to choose a batch of 8 specimens from his entire colony. It is a very beautiful lot that I am proud to present to you, the details during the sale of Friday, in particular with the first 4 pigeons which are nuggets selected with meticulousness.

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