Great season for Grégory Farétie with one more ace pigeon!

Grégory Farétie won the first speed ace pigeon, first place in the championship with the most prizes and the third step of the podium with the first 5 entries (ST-Omer Grouping). Focus on most important pigeons of this season.


FR348318.19 1st  on 2720 pigeons at the first speed race (16 april, Breteuil)

The 348318.19 came first in front of 2720 pigeons in a north wind, he’s no more and no less than a son of “Hervé”: 1st Ace pigeon of Saint-Omer group in 2018 and 2019 (100-250kms) with 42 prizes out of 46 entries.  His son was placed eleven times this season.

FR 157781.21, “le prometteur”

FR 157781 is a 2021 single (Gregory doesn’t play youngsters) with an 80% price tag and is also a son of “Hervé”. He’s a bit like the Poulidor (always second) of Eperlecques, Greg wanted to present him because he has confidence in him “If all goes well he will still evolve and he could have an excellent season in 2023”

Results of the 81 this season

  • 2nd / 1305p Pont-Sainte-Maxence
  • 23rd / 918p Breteuil
  • 46th / 859p Clermont
  • 18th / 1077p Pont-Ste-Maxence
  • 4th / 693p Clermont
  • 164th / 814p Pont-Ste-Maxence
  • 32nd / 707p Montdidier
  • 363/2720p Breteuil
1st Ace pigeon 2022 (speed race)

The 1st Ace pigeon 2022 with 14 prizes out of 14 entries (speed contests, Saint-Omer grouping), 2 others pigeons also had 14 prizes but FR281879.18 only has prizes by 10! He joins Gregory’s collection of ace pigeons.

Ace pigeon performances (in chronological order) at the grouping, with only prizes per 10 (and some nice prizes per 100)!

  • 139th /2720 Clermont
  • 14th /2596 Pont-Ste-Maxence
  • 32nd /2712 Le Mesnil Aubry
  • 13th /1168 Clermont
  • 50th /1305 Pont-Ste-Maxence
  • 54th /918 Breteuil
  • 4th /361 Breteuil
  • 43rd /859 Clermont
  • 15th /1077 Pont-Ste-Maxence
  • 3rd /693 Clermont
  • 50th / 814 Pont-Ste-Maxence
  • 13th/707 Montdidier
  • 19th / 525 p Clermont
  • 39th / 393p Pont-Ste-Maxence
281879.18 is an extremely difficult pigeon to hold, we had to take a picture of him in his box with his female. His father is once again Hervé, on the mother’s side we find origins of Maurice Mattheuws



In the category “Hope 2023”, FR157768.21 with 10 prizes out of 10 entries. His own brother will be offered at the Pigeon-Master auction of Grégory, from Friday 9 September.


Louis Gustin

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