Martial Maindrelle, Demonstration of strength at Souillac 2022 and 100th victory !

Martial Maindrelle marks year 2022 with his 100th group victory on August 6th at Souillac race. “Blue Alonsina” is the name of this female who keeps adding prizes to her record of achievements; just like her owner, Dr Maindrelle, who seems more than ever to be indestructible.

A man of science, he was the first in France to select his pigeons on performance genes, thus obtaining exceptional lines of Aces and Olympics pigeons… Most of them joined the breeding loft to form Aviator’s loft colony as we know it today. Last December we visited Martial, he was on his 96th group victory. The symbolic 100 mark was then only a question of time.

And it ‘s “Blue Alonsina” that offers him this victory on the federal race of Souillac (488 km). It’s not the first time that this hens wears the colours of the colony high, born in 2018 she accumulates 3 first prizes of group of which 2 this year (1st on Pressac in front of 1530 pigeons and Souillac, 623 pigeons) and 10 top 10. Ace pigeon in 2019 Blue Alonsina is well on her way to the Ace Pigeon 2022 in her group and in the 3rd region!

Blue Alonsina :

  • 1st Pressac 2022 / 1530 p
  • 1st Souillac 2022 / 623 p
  • 1st Marmande 2019 /287 p
  • 2nd Souzay 209 / 670 p
  • 5th Vivonne 2020 / 540 p
  • 5th Vivionne 2018 /550 p
  • 7th Souzay 2019 /652 p
  • 9th Fontenay 2020 /621 p
  • 9th Roullet 2018 / 334 p
  • 12th Roullet 2020 /529 p16th
  • Bordeaux 2019 /355 p
  • 17th Saumur 2019 /930p

His father “Blue Alonso” is a pigeon from Nico Van Noordenne (NL) with whom Martial has traded a lot and still exchange, bred to a sister of his own Olympic Nico, a real pillar of the colony. see pedigree.

The pigeon fancier achieved a triple win with the first three places in Souillac and a success rate of 80% (8 prizes out of 10 entered). Souillac results


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