Roger Richard, the regularity of marathon races

Five pigeons in the top 50 out of 16595 in Barcelona race 2021

It’s in Heutrégiville in the department of the Marne, about twenty kilometres from Reims, that Richard, who is passionate about marathon races, has set up his loft. It’s not surprising that Mr Roger is regularly at the top of international competitions with a first-class colony, he opens his doors to us.

Although he does not come from a pigeon fancier’s family, as a child he was passionate about breeding. His story is similar to that of many pigeon fanciers: one day, he collected a stray racing pigeon in the yard of the family farm, and that’s when he got the trigger. Despite a certain break in the sport (due to his professional responsibilities) passion never left him.

Richard befriended his idol and mentor François Louvegnies, 2nd at 1987 European Cup. In 3 years, he buys about 50 pigeons from him and François offers him as many. He also bought pigeons from Manuel Peirera. These pigeons will form the basis of the colony.

In 2011, in spite of a terrible mistral wind, he ranks 2nd national and 30th international with 191956-09 which will become his basic breeder. With 277592-04 they will form a golden couple “These two, it’s the marriage of the century! At 17 years of age, 592 still vibrates in the hands, he is extraordinarily vital, Richard will use him as a model to lay the foundations of his colony. From this basic couple, “La Perle” was born: 2nd International Ace Pigeon 2018, 5th International Ace Pigeon 2017-2018.

The years follow each other and the solidity of these origins is no longer to be proven. In 2015 it was Perle’s brother who finished 6th International in Pau, knowing that Richard missed the first place of the podium due to an electronic malfunction. In 2017 in Perpignan, a beautiful female ; 231875-15 won the 1st place national female, 2nd national and thus became 32nd international on more than 14 000 pigeons at the Perpignan competition.

In this saga of success, the mythical event of Barcelona is not spared, indeed Richard and the happy owner of 57416-16: 2nd National female Barcelona 2019, 17th international. This female also shines in Marseille in 2017 as a yearling then in her first Barcelona in 2018.

And this year he achieves a superb result with his top 5 placing 15th, 20th, 23rd, 33rd and 44th on 16595 pigeons!

In the video Richard shows us his facilities and many other champions!

Preparation of the teams

For Pau, Saint Vincent and Perpignan, 24 males and 24 females are played, it happens frequently that the females mate between them. This doesn’t bother the fancier, “When they are brooding, 4 to 5 days before the basketing, I place a youngster to motivate them”, Richard specifies that the top prizes are mainly won by these females. The males do not necessarily have a mate when they return.

For Barcelona, two teams are engaged: 15 widowers in classic widowhood and 15 females in natural (on a youngster). For pigeons for the Catalan event the mates of the participants stay at home.

Richard regularly wins events in the Rhone Valley, with the goal of going to Marseille International. The yearlings are played at the sliding gate 20 males and just as many females.

No compromise on grain and minerals

According to him, best thing to do is to give the best possible grain and a maximum of minerals (he buys different brands which he mixes). The rest is rather classical: a famous herbal tea to purify the organism, cider vinegar, oil on grain before competition to bring necessary fats…

Recently pigeons have been vaccinated against paratyphosis, injection is made as late as possible in order to have maximum vaccine efficiency during racing season (vaccine being more efficient in 6 months following the injection). No treatment is given to breeding stock: never!

Pracing pigeons receive a treatment in the form of a pill against trichomoniasis before leaving for a marathon flight, when necessary they are also treated for the respiratory tract.

Richard doesn’t want to give pigeons a drink until the loft is closed, so he doesn’t want a foreign pigeon or a sparrow to come and drink with his travellers. The pigeons have to drink from noon and remain in the most complete calm until 5 p.m.

Given the quality of this colony, it is certain that we will see Richard again very soon.


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