Steven Dournel, all-round champion

It cannot be said that successive moves prevent Dournel colony from making prizes. From his beginnings with his father in Camblain-Châtelain to this year 2021 in Marest, without forgetting Nédonchel from 2018 to 2020, Steven has always succeeded in reaching highest steps of podium whatever the locality of his loft.

Son of fancier, he starts with his father in tandem (Dournel father and son), very quickly he wins his first successes with the 2nd place in the ALC-CALC championship (long distance championship in north France) with youngsters (2016). At that time facilities were extremely limited, with few pigeons the tandem achieved great performances. “It was 60 to 80% of prizes at CALC competitions. With my father the motto was and will always be “small colony but a lot of prizes”. When I started racing pigeons again in Marest, I obviously had pigeons coming from Camblain-Châtelain and I must say that I succeeded again: 2 times first NPDC with pigeons ringed at my father’s.”

Steven never stops, in 2018 when he starts his own business, he decides to rent a house in Nédonchel. His first concern was to install a pigeon loft to shine in competitions from 300 to 600 km. Located in the grouping of Saint Pol sur Ternoise, he has to face big names in pigeon racing: the multiple French champions and eternal infernal duo Alexandre Margris and Tanguy Gervois but also Rogez Jean-Luc and many others.
To face seriously Steven does not hide that he invested in renowned origins of France and Belgium, he also called on his friends:

  • Mathieu Marchand, Wisniewski Pierre, Guy and Rita Lethiot, Dournel Bruno, Wayolle Alain and Catherine (Robecq), Rogez Jean-Luc
  • Jos Thoné, André Roodhooft, Ad Schaerlaeckens (Via Arnaud Capon), Famille 3d (Ghlin), Adrien Mirabelle, Godart Daniel (Quaregnon), Gaby Vandenabeele, Geerinckx Bart

From 2019 onwards, results are not long in coming and the youngsters have a real prize festival:

  • 1st NPDC Jarnac (564km) / 1385 pigeons
  • Youngbird long distance champion ALC-CALC
  • Champion NDPC youngbird,middle distance
  •  Champion of the most speed prizes for youngsters in the group of Saint Pol sur Ternoise
  •  Champion for the most federal prizes for youngsters in the group of Saint Pol sur Ternoise
  • Champion to the first 3 registered young speed on the grouping of Saint Pol sur Ternoise

The following seasons were just as successful and the Marest colony already has an amazing record of success. Unfortunately for the competition, Steven is not satisfied with just winning prizes with youngsters, yearlings performances are proof of this.

– 1st NPDC JARNAC ’19
– 2nd NPDC ST JUNIEN ’21 (LILI in the sale)
– 2ND NDP CHATEAUROUX’21 (LILI in the sale)
– Champion Youth Long Distance ALC-CALC 2019 and 2020 and 5th in 2021
– Youth Half-Country Champion Nord Pas De Calais 2019 and 2020 and 2021
– Youth Half-Country Champion Nord Pas De Calais 2020
– Youth Federal Long Distance Champion Nord Pas De Calais 2020
– Champion of the Cumulative Championship of the GROUPING OF SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE (All categories) 2020
– Champion to the 3 First Registrations Half-Country 1 year of the GROUPMENT OF SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE 2020
– Champion to the 3 First Registered Youth Sprint of the GROUPMENT DE SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE 2020
– Champion at the Most Federal Prizes All Categories of the GROUPMENT DE SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE 2020
– Champion at the Most Federal Prizes 1 year of the GROUPMENT DE SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE 2020
– Champion in the Most Youth Federal Prizes of the SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE GROUP 2020
– Champion to the 3 First Youth Federal Entries of the GROUPMENT DE SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE 2021
– Ace Pigeon Federal 1 year old with “Clémence” of the GROUPMENT DE SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE 2020
– 2nd National As Pigeon 500/750 Km
– 2nd French Championship All Categories 2020 (Vase de Sèvre)
– 4th French Championship 500/750 Km
– 5th French Championship 100/300 Km
– 9th As Pigeon National 500/750 Km

Vidéo with english subtitles

Racing youngsters 

Steven is an excellent player with youngsters (but not only!), they are played at the sliding door or on the nest position, everything is good to motivate them. To make such hits you have to try to acquire sons and daughters of greatest champions ” I have succeeded in crossing pigeons from Jean-Luc Rogez and Guy and Rita Lethiot. I have several basic pairs, 5 or 6, this year only my breeding stock is producing youngsters. In 2022 I will also make youngsters with my best widowers and in the years to come there will be inbreeding work to do to keep the bloodline.”

The three lofts on the left with an aviary for widowers. On the right the rest is reserved for youngsters played with sliding door method or in the nest

the pigeons go out every day even during moulting period. The aviary provides extra air. The loft is very lightly stocked with pigeons.


In order to win 200 to 600 km contests Steven does not hesitate to engaged pigeons every weeks, especially for females who can do two or three competitions in a row. Pigeons that go to competitions from week to week need to recover quickly, that’s why they get a breeding mix as soon as they return. Depurative is given at the very beginning of week but they quickly switch to a high energy mixture for basketing on Thursday evening.
During the week the pigeons are given complementary products of the MAPP system range. “This makes it possible to eliminate the tricho problems, I don’t even analyse the droppings any more“, says Steven. The vaccination programme also makes it possible to take a few precautions: paramyxovirus, pox, paratyphosis and rotavirus are all eliminated.

To motivate his widowers, Steven also combines different methods “I like to play with jealousy. During the week when I can do a training session, I put another male in the box of widower I want to motivate, this exacerbates attachment pigeon has to its territory.”
This year less than 30% of youngsters have been selected, a maximum of 10 and 100 prizes are needed to hope to stay at the Marest loft. Steven starts the year with 24 yearlings “I hope to have 10 suitable yearlings for 2023 and to continue to score in my favourite competitions!
No wonder Steven keeps his titles from year to year like the first place in the youth middle distance championship of the first region!



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