The invincible armada of David Brunet

In a north-easterly wind (head-wind), the Brunets are unbeatable!

On this Pont-Sainte-Maxence race on the 18th of July, the “Brunets” won the first 12 prizes of the group with a success rate of 100% (23 prizes from 23 entries). By curiosity, I looked at the results of the amateurs who had not doubled their pigeons in the grouping, the result and without appeal: the Brunet pigeons carry out the 12 greatest speeds of all the pigeons of the province of Dunkirk released this day of Pont-Sainte-Maxence (190 km) by the north-east wind!
On the 18th of July, Fr-19-323882, owned by Yannis, was the fastest to enter the loft, beating his half-brother Fr-19-320703 by two seconds. Their father is the terrible 155: Fr-12-245155.

The terrible 155, runs in his veins the blood of the best of the best of Kees Bosua’s pigeons, the master of middle distance in the Netherlands.
The mother of the winner FR-19-323882 is none other than Apolline, NL-16-1255671, inbred to Sylver Prince, Olympic vice-champion in Porto in the all-around category, a pure Eijerkamp from Holland. The second mother is another female from the Eijerkamp loft in Holland, a direct descendant of the famous Claudia

The following eleven pigeons, all capable of winning, already have incredible records that it would be too tedious to list today, some of them are children and grandchildren of Capelle-Broucke stars.

The Turbo FR-16-216624 has a pure Leo Heremans as the sire and on the mother’s side, we find a direct from the Bernard Corteel’s loft, whose pigeons are at the origin of numerous pigeon racing successes in Belgium and Holland.

And Mustang Fr-12-244757 a pure Stickers-Donckers, with five first prizes and four years in a row best middle-distance pigeon of the group.

In the 16th place of this competition, we find again one of the direct sons of the Mustang the FR-17-345707, the eternal favourite of David, and once again first registered.
In the same competition in the young pigeon category, Mr Poinssart Johan from Kilem wins with a pure “Brunet”. The Fr-21-131088, achieves a 100% on 4 entries, two other ringed “Brunet” pigeons are in the lead the FR-21-379134 and the FR-21-379133 by beak wind, and pigeon time.


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