Laurent Dubreucq from Maubeuge wins Valence VCDA olds birds

The 2021 season rhymes with success for Laurent Dubreucq from Maubeuge, between the “machine gun entries” in speed races and the top results on the races in the VCDA every fortnight.


This Saturday 26 May 2021, Laurent won the most prestigious competition on the VCDA calendar. The 50-year-old Maubeugeois returned to competition in 2016 after a period of rest. He is now at the head of a team of 10 old males played in widowhood, 11 juniors, about thirty females played in bachelorhood and about thirty youngsters. His pigeons come from his “Coach” as he calls him, Joël Pesant from Jeumont, among them “Pinaton“. Laurent had also acquired pigeons from a fancier in the Cambrai region via a famous website. The targeted competitions are the VCDA and the internationals, the widowers are engaged in Marseille and Narbonne and are prepared on the Eastern line.


Valence and the Rhone Valley competitions are never easy races, the winning pigeon, FR-18-159211 dominates the 2387 olds birds at a speed of 1257 m/min. His father is a Pauwels bought in a local auction and his mother is a female from Joël Pesant. He is one of the pillars of the colony as he won 7 prizes out of 8 engagements in 2020, including 482 / 2368 at Marseille. This year he has won 6 prizes out of 7 and will be entered in a few days for Marseille Inter.

Antoine Champagne (CLP)

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