Boitel father & son : Another victory!

In Busnettes, we don’t count any more first prizes… In speed, middle distance, on the federals, the ALC CALC, categories which don’t have any more secrets for the tandem Boitel father & son of Busnettes, near Gonnehem.

Gaël and his father Gilles with the FR-17- 291745 1st Federal Prize of St Yrieix 2021.


After a first prize last year at the Issoudun federal competition, and a place in the championship of the federation for the Ace pigeons 500-700 Km, it is for the victory of the federal competition ST Yrieix of 06.06.2021 that we meet again. The pigeon n° 291745 of 2017 of the tandem “BOITEL Père & Fils” registers the highest speed of the competition with a speed of 1179,19 m/minutes on a total of 11594 old and 5189 yearlings.

A pigeon from a golden pair, 100% Herbots Frères from Belgium. His sire “Bliksem hope 149” and his dam “Lady million” have produced other brothers who have reached the top of the podium. We can find the “011 or 102011 of 2020” who realized the 1st federal price of Issoudun of 08.08.2020 on 6523 pigeons, the “150013” 3rd national Ace Bird long dist’17, the “709” 5th of Argenton federal on 13171 pigeons, and without counting all the other brothers who regularly participate in the price by 10 of the colony.

Gilles is a member of the Lespesse society, Artois Lys sector, and has been playing pigeons for 50 years, where he started with his grandfather at the Lierre society. Moreover, when he built his house in 1976, his pigeon lofts were already in place. He regrets the fact that his pigeons were stolen twice… Since then, he has been cultivating the Herbots, to which he adds the pigeons of his friends, notably those of “Lucien Bourbois” from Auchy Les Hesdin … not to mention his black scaled pigeon which this year realised a 7 Prix out of 7 engagements, with most of the prizes in the lead from 100 to 600 Km.
It is important to know that the tandem is not too interested in competitions above 600 km, because “you have to be patient to wait for your pigeon all day to see it return”. However, a test with 2 pigeons will be carried out at the Agen International on 02.07.2021 if all goes well…


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