Back on track

Kévin Huyghe

A first licence in 2008 in tandem with his father, Kevin has always played with pigeons. He moved to Vaudricourt with his former breeders, with whom he raises latecomers and a round of youngsters for the year 2021. A few adductions of his Annoeulin pigeons, some purchases, and the assembly of his new loft. And here he goes for the 2021 season…

All the pigeons are played in the widowhood, males and females. His origin, his old stock from his father’s pigeons, crossed with his “Dupire”; the “macôts” as he calls them. Some introductions from local amateurs like the “Jean-Paul Balcaen” or the “Manuel Guyot” from Hersin Coupigny.

The late bred

This year, Kévin launches his yearlings in speed, then the middle-distance, then in the federal of the 1st region. He does not hesitate to launch them in the long distance competitions of the ALC CALC. A first year noticed with beautiful results as with his late female FR-20-115339 which illustrates itself at the 1st place / 1017 pigeons on the competition of La Ferté-St-Aubin of May 9, 2021 at a speed of 1171 m / minute. His brothers, “les macôts”, had a great season and won the first series of the ALC CALC zone centre at 100 euros at the St Junien on May 29th. Here are their courses:

The 2019 100970, 5 prizes/5

  • 25.04.2021, Clermont, 27th /1858 pigeons at the entente de l’avenir
  • 02.05.2021 Châteaudun 138th /825 pigeons to the entente du Béthunois and entente d’Acq
  • 16.05.2021 Châteauroux ALC CALC 77th /2023 pigeons
  • 29.05.2021 St-Junien ALC CALC 5th /2392 pigeons
  • 13.06.2021 Roullet-St-Estèphe ALC CALC 23rd /1877 pigeons

The 100971 of 2019, 5 prizes/5

  • 25.04.2021, Clermont, 256th/1858 pigeons at the entente de l’avenir
  • 02.05.2021 Châteaudun, 90th/825 pigeons to the entente du Béthunois and entente d’Acq
  • 16.05.2021 Châteauroux, 34th/2023 pigeons
  • 29.05.2021 St-Junien ALC CALC, 35th/2392 pigeons
  • 13.06.2021 Roullet-St-Estèphe, 17th/1877 pigeons

A 100% north of France made since the father is FR-14- 387405 from 2014, Bleu à couteaux Blancs and the mother is FR-16-237020 la Bleue, the couple coming directly from Raymond Dupire d’Houplin Ancoisne

Kévin plans to enter international competitions next year. At the time of writing this article, Kévin has engaged 3 yearlings on the St Vincent du CALC.  With a first for this competition… We wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing him soon with another first prize!

(Editor’s note: Kévin achieved a nice 5th place in this competition with yearlings)


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