Christian and Dimitri Douay’s preparation for international competitions intensifies


The duo Christian and Dimitri de Bousies have been concentrating on two main goals for a long time: Barcelona and Marseille. Barcelona, they won in 2006 with Le FR-00-257633 of Van der Wegen (NL) origin by the sire and the dam is a female of Aarden and Peter van den Eijden blood. And Marseille, after winning the female competition in 2013, won the general old in France with Christian FR-18-158372, a superb chipped from De Smeyter-Restiaen

Dimitri and Christian

For Christian and Dimitri, there are no two ways to get to the top. You have to invest in the best pigeons in the world to be at the top of the world pigeon racing. That’s why their pigeon collection includes the most famous names in pigeon racing, as Dimitri says: “We have been everywhere. “With Nouewen-Paesen from Peer (B), Sylvere Toye from Otegem (B), Germain Imbrecht from Bornival (B), Roger Verreck, Jos Vanderbrouck, Lucie and Antoon Van der Wegen (NL), Herman Brinkman (NL), Jean Haussoul (NL) and lately De Smeyter-Restiaen and Jean Pachla from Harbonnières (F).

The loft

With a team of 60 old-timers, and 30 females. They are ready for the competitions. The females are played on the nest for the inters, no preferential positions, “the base is when you have a good female it goes alone! “Dimitri tells me, “you can put her in the widowhood on 10 days old eggs or youngsters, if it’s a good female she will be there! You have to try all the different play positions. ”
As far as the health of the colony is concerned, everything is meticulously monitored thanks to the help of the veterinarian. They regularly use mappsystèm products for the maintenance of the colony.

Le Christian

Here is an extract from their prize list which is very flattering:

  • 1st national Barcelona 2006
  • 1st national Marseille 2013
  • 1st national Narbonne yearlings 2013
  • 2nd national Narbonne 2013
  • 3rd national females Montauban 2008
  • 5th national Perpignan 2011
  • 5th national females Montauban 2008
  • 6th national Montauban yearlings 2008
  • 7th national Pau 2006
  • 8th national Tarbes 2010
  • 9th national Perpignan 2012
  • 9th national Barcelona 2011

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