Bruno Waxin from Quievy (59) wins Chalon sur Saône combine VCDA Yearlings.

Bruno has been a pigeon fancier since 1992 and took over after his father’s death in 1991.

Bruno Waxin

He is the third generation of pigeon fancier. The colony is composed of 32 widowed males, 65 youngsters and 15 breeding pairs. Bruno was only playing the speed competitions until 2019, he has now been playing the VCDA middle-distance competitions for two years and this is already the first success!

FR-20-150003, winner of the Chalon-Sur-Sâone yearlings

As far as the origins are concerned, Bruno was able to count on his buddies, the winning pigeon is from a male Thibault Boons offered by Sébastien Cressin, crossed on Bruno’s pale. The winning pigeon, the FR-20-150043, has already a nice record with a 1st / 720, a 25th in Andrezel and then the 1st in Chalon Sur Saone.

Furthermore, in Chalon, Bruno Waxin achieved 9/12 in old and 12/20 in junior against 2752 pigeons (1-4-24…) with a North-East wind and at a speed of 1218m/min! Hats off to the artist!

Good luck Bruno, thank you for your kindness, I wish you many more prizes like this one.

Antoine Champagne (CLP)

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