The crack of Saint-Jans, at Michel and Nicolas Fontaine

We are in the heart of Flanders, in Saint-Jean-Cappel to be exact, at the home of Michel and Nicolas Fontaine.

Due to the decrease in the number of players in the speed and ½ distance competitions, Nicolas had decided to direct his colony towards the distance and long-distance competitions. At that time Michel and Nicolas played within the Bailleul society, the different societies of Flanders playing alone, until the day when the Hazebrouck agreement was created.
Michel Fontaine, a “speed fancier” at heart, asked his son to form a speed and middle-distance team with the creation of this coopération. Nicolas could not refuse him, as Michel was responsible for the upkeep of the whole colony during the week, while Nicolas lived and worked in the Somme. A compartment of 12 boxes was therefore dedicated solely to this speciality and it was quickly a success.


Nicolas is in charge of acquisitions. To build up his team he exchanges with Arnaud Capon from Quiévelon. He decides to dedicate two breeding pairs to the renewal of the speed and middle-distance team.
Among the pigeons ringed directly at Arnaud CAPON, Nicolasgot the lucky strike through the Fr-17-248528

This pigeon is of SCHAERLAECKENS origin by the father

and WILLEM DE BRUIJN by the mother.

The 248528 is a chequered male of medium size, full of spirit.
He achieved :

  •  in 2018 11 simples prizes including the 1st prize on CANAPEVILLE
  •  in 2019 11 simples prizes including the 1st prize at Breteuil
  •  in 2020 a great season 10 engagements 9 prizes
    including 5 first prizes to date :
  •  6 June 2020 Breteuil 941 pigeons 1st prize speed 1464,33 m/min
  •  20/06/2020 Pont Ste Maxence 826 pigeons 1st prize 1453.55 m/min
  •  4/07/2020 Breteuil 459 pigeons 1st prize 1719.47 m/min
  •  11/07/2020 Pont Ste Maxence 627 pigeons 1st prize speed 1162.39 m/min
  •  25/07/2020 Pontoise 498 pigeons 1st prize speed 1593.68 m/min

His son on 030462/2018 achieves :

  •  2018: 6 prizes
  •  2019: 6 prizes including the 1st prize in Breteuil
  •  2020:
  • 3rd in Châteaudun on 7/06 with 516 pigeons
  • and 3rd in Châteaudun on 6/07/2020 on 544 pigeons.


Note the presence of a Poulidor (always second) in the middle distance team. The Fr-17- 248533

  •  2nd in Châteaudun on 7/06 on 516 pigeons
  •  2nd in Châteaudun on 6/07 on 544 pigeons
  •  2nd in Châteaudun on 12/07 301 pigeons

Nicolas’ favourite competitions are the sky marathons, which is why he bought pigeons directly from the big names in the Netherlands and elsewhere. He bought from Van der Velden (PB), Verweij De Haan (PB) Ko Van Dommelen ,(PB) Wijnands (PB), Freialdenhofen (All), Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene (B).
Nicolas and Michel dedicate 4 compartments for the bottom and big bottom, that is to say, 40 old and 1-year-old widowers together. Two compartments are dedicated to the youngsters of the year, who are just being broken in.
This winter’s next visit is planned to assess this 2020 season, which will remain in the memory of each pigeon fancier, and to discuss the methods of preparation.


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