Cléry Mvuezolo, a promising young pigeon fancier

He is only 17 years old and is already playing in the big league by titillating the experienced pigeon fanciers of his sector such as David Brunet, Hervé Bohn or Francis Protin. Portrait of a young enthusiast as courageous as he is endearing.

Cléry Mvuezolo came to pigeon racing by chance: “I love animals in general and it is on social networks that I discovered pigeon racing. I read about it on the internet”. This 17-year-old student in his final year of studies in commerce lives in a flat in Grande Synthe.

Impossible for him to set up a pigeon loft nearby, so Cléry set up his small colony in a children’s garden shed, in the heart of a worker’s garden, in his commune. “I rent this garden all year round with the obligation to cultivate it, which I do. And I have set up my pigeon houses here”. Cléry lives 10 minutes by bike or bus from the garden. “I come every morning at 6 am before the lessons and then every evening around 6.30 pm/7 pm after the lessons to look after the pigeons. I set up my pigeons on my own and I maintain them regularly. This year I have raised them and installed gratings for better ventilation and ease of maintenance. I have a generator on-site for winter lighting. “What about the lessons? “I’m a good student, the results are good,” smiles Cléry. In her colony, 80% of the pigeons come from Hervé Bohn, 20% from Fabien Protin and 10% from David Brunet.

Ace speed old bird from David Brunet

Moreover, Cléry is proud of her pigeon 252227/18 that David Brunet gave her. He is an ace pigeon from the old company “Les Ailes de Grande Synthe” in which Cléry is registered. This pigeon is second to the Ace pigeon old birds of the Dunkerque subgroup behind David Brunet.

Cléry wins the As pigeon yearling with the 320986/19, of Dutch origin from Fabien Protin. Proud of his achievements this year, Cléry plans to start in the middle distance next season.
Cléry was advised by Francis Vandemoortel, a pigeon fancier for 30 years. “Afterwards I search on the internet and watch others in order to learn ” concludes Cléry. At the time of our meeting, the young boy confided to us that he was going to buy an electronic pigeon clock because he had been playing for two seasons with a manual.


Palmarés 2020 :
Company championship results :
– 1st to the 5 first old entrants in a hurry
– 1st to the first 5 registered yearling in speed
– 1st ace old speed pigeon with 252227/18
– 1st ace pigeon yearling speed with the 320986/19
Results under the Dunkirk grouping
– 2nd to the first old riders in speed behind David Brunet
– 3rd to the first 5 registered in speed
– 2nd Ace speed pigeon in old age behind David Brunet with his 252227/18

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