Pigeons racing, a familly business

the brothers Podziadly

Not far from the coal mine heap of Loos-en-Gohelle, and the gardens of the Louvre-Lens, is an ascending colony of french pigeon, the Podziadly brothers. If a trophy were awarded to the most beautiful loft, theirs would undoubtedly be on the podium.

Both electricians, they built their lofts with all kinds of tricks :

  • For exits, sliding doors on which the sputnik is fixed
  • To avoid broken flight feathers, conveyor belts in the boxes
  • Grating on the floor to save time and facilitate cleaning
  • Programmable feeders with a tilting bottom to separate the rations of the day
  • and much more …

All pigeons are raced on total widowhood (males and hens) from the start of the competition, at the end of April, to the end of the season in August. The young males and young hens are also separated, and every weekend, both males and females shine on the road. “We mainly play the ALC CALC and the Feds, but this year we tried the international contests, a goal difficult to achieve”.

Licensed in the “Defender of the Hairy” in Mazingarbe since 2001, the brothers Podziadly achieves superb results at the end of the season with, among others, a 2nd NPC from St Junien 1 year from 20.06.2020, a 1st NPC from Bergerac 1 year and hens on 04.07 .2020 with the 245469 of 2019, and a 1st NPC St Vincent hens on 07.24.2020 with the 180630 of 2018.


Results in 2019: 

  • Clermont young people of 02.06.2019, 182nd / 1255 p.
  • Clermont from 06.09.2019, 126/975 p.
  • Pontoise of 13.06.2019, 175/1677 p.
  • Ecouen of 23.06.2019, 293/832 p.

Results in 2020: 

  • Chateaudun from 05.31.2020, 92/1586 p.
  • St Junien of 20.06.2020, 72/2894 p.
  • Bergerac from 07/04/2020, 1ST / 1653 p.

The origins come mainly from exchanges with friends, and purchases from Marcel Albrecht, Chris Hebberecht, Germain Imbrecht, and the Rezenthel brothers (french champions for international races in 2020) for long-distance.

“We recommend that starter in the sport must have a lot of patience, be motivated, and get their pigeons from a pigeon fancier who plays very well and has few pigeons. The trick is to know what distance you want to play.”

Samuel Pulliez (CLP)


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